YouTube is Changing… Small Channels Are Getting MORE Views

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YouTube is Changing… Small Channels Are Getting MORE Views

Do subscribers matter still? – The answer I would say is like no. You gotta just press record. Yeah, I think when it comes to YouTube changing just the over like the thing that I’ve seen them do, every change, it’s to benefit the viewer. Because YouTube, they’re helping creators but ultimately we don’t do this without you guys watching, without, without people listening.

Like they want the viewer to have the best experience possible. And so I think as content creators if we can put that into our heads of how can this article help the viewer and literally just obsess over the person who’s gonna watch that video. You’re gonna be changing your content with YouTube and I think it’s gonna benefit you and help you get more views.

It’s going to help people watching your videos to just enjoy it more. And so even chapters, you know, we’re talking about changes. Chapters are, you know new-ish thing that has come and a lot of people are using them more and now automatic chapters are happening. And so they, really just wanna make it very easy for viewers to find the exact thing they’re looking for in that video.

  • For sure. And we like to say it here at FiverFix the creator who understands the viewer best wins. And speaking of audience and it is about viewers I think that lends itself to the next topic and that is do subscribers matter still? – Yeah I mean, it’s funny. It’s like another question to ask yourself like can anyone make it on YouTube anymore? Why do you need subscribers? If you have subscribers does that help you? And the answer I would say is like no, it doesn’t really matter how many subscribers you have on YouTube right now.

And this is really cool and this should be really encouraging for anyone out there who is at zero subscribers, at a hundred subscribers. Even if you’ve been posting videos like right now you have the opportunity to, I mean you just shared with me a guy whose first upload basically went viral. Like what was, what video was that? – So there is this guy who posted a video and it was a pastor whose title was like I was a pastor and I left the church to do this or something like that.

Very, you know, intriguing. – Attention-grabbing, controversial. – It made me want to click it based on what I like. And it was served to me. And I asked a lot of people in my world, did you watch it? And they were like, dude, I saw that video too. Like, and this guy in three weeks got 280,000 views on a video that for the most part had a pretty basic thumbnail, powerful but basic.

  • Yeah. – And a very basic title, no tags. The description was pretty empty as far as I know. And it, it, it showed a lot. It showed that YouTube can have a funny way of putting somebody out there and who knows what his plans are. Like now I’m looking forward to, you know what he’s gonna be posting now but he had zero subscribers and YouTube pushed his video which just tells me that there is an opportunity on YouTube.

If you feel like YouTube is crowded your first video could be amazing. I mean your 10th video might be amazing. But I think there, the case study of this guy, his name is Salman Riaz, or Era24UK was definitely super interesting. We talked about it a couple of days ago and then we just checked again and his video’s doubled, the views doubled which is insane.

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