How To Turn On Comments On YouTube? Enable YouTube Comments 2022 UPDATED

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How To Turn On Comments On YouTube? Enable YouTube Comments 2022 UPDATED

We’re going to show you here how to turn on comments on YouTube. Now there are three reasons that you’re probably not seeing any comments or able to comment. I’m gonna walk you through that right now. First of all, you wanna go to your YouTube studio. We’re gonna click up here, make sure you’re signed in.

The first thing we wanna check is we want to go down here to the bottom left-hand side. We see settings. We’re gonna click on settings. And then we wanna go to the channel. And right here, we can see some basic info, but we’re gonna go to the advanced settings. This is gonna be your first reason why you can’t comment or see any comments on YouTube because your channel was made for kids.

Now, if you have a kid’s channel, you’re not gonna be able to have comments on your videos. That’s just the rules that YouTube has applied. Now, if you accidentally set this as your channel was made for kids but it’s really not, or maybe it was, and now it’s not, you can change this right here in the advanced setting.

So right now, I have ours set to no, set this channel as not made for kids. If you post some videos for kids and some videos for adults, then you can change it to I want to review the setting for every video. And then each video that you upload, you can select the box, yes or no. But for us, we are gonna set this to no.

Now the second way to turn on comments is to make sure that your video is either public or unlisted. If your video is private, you’re not gonna be able to comment. Now, the simple way to do this is to go to content. And then, you’re gonna select the video that you want to turn public, if it is private, or you can just check by going down here to visibility.

If it is set to private, then you are not going to be able to comment or have any comments on that video. Now, if you don’t want it to be public and you want to make it unlisted, what that means is that you can send this link to someone and they can watch, they can comment, can like it, but this isn’t a public video for everyone to see.

This is just going to be with the people who have access to the link. Keep in mind, that someone can share that link with someone else and they can still watch that. But this way, people can comment on your video. Members only are going to be for your members on your channel. If you have a membership set up, then this would be for them only.

However, for us, we don’t have a membership set up. We are going to make this public, and that is going to allow comments on this video. Now, if you do change something, this is going to be blue. And you want to make sure to save that if you do change it to public or unlisted. Now, to make sure that your channel is allowing comments, you’re gonna wanna go to the settings in the YouTube studio.

Then you’re going to go to the community and you’re gonna go over to default. From here, you have an option for comments on your channel and you can allow all comments, you can hold potentially inappropriate comments for review, which is what I recommend doing. You can also disable comments. So other people can disable comments.

You could also do that, but if you want comments on your videos, make sure that you select one of these to allow comments on your channel. Now, the last reason there are no comments on YouTube is if you are viewing YouTube through a supervised account. This could be that your parents set up a YouTube channel for you, but they didn’t allow you to read the comments or to make comments.

And so that is definitely something you wanna ask your parents about to see if they can make the comments viewable for you. Also keep in mind that if are watching a video that was made for YouTube kids, the comments are automatically gonna be turned off for that channel. You can click on the screen to learn everything you need to know about YouTube comments, moderating, replying, deleting, reporting, and all that kind of stuff.

So click on the other screen articles and we’ll see you guys in the next article.

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